Auxiliary ServicesAngleton Danbury Campus

Friends and Neighbors Caring for Friends and Neighbors

UTMB Health Angleton Danbury Campus Auxiliary gives life to the doctrine of "Friends and Neighbors Caring for Friends and Neighbors." Serving as one of the leading volunteer organizations in the southern Brazoria County area, they not only volunteer numerous hours serving their friends and neighbors being cared for at UTMB Health Angleton Danbury Campus, they bring one of the most recognized blood drives to the community and the county.

This organized and highly motivated group of individuals (300 plus members with an active list of more than 150) work tirelessly each month to provide blood to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. The Blood Center serves more that 200 hospitals and health care instructions in a 24 county region. Averaging over 100 blood donations per month, the dedication of our Auxiliary is vital to the success of this need. The UTMB Health Angleton Danbury Campus Auxiliary Blood Drive has been recognized by the Gulf Coast Regional Blood for the highest percentage of participation for a community our size, numerous times in recent years.

In addition to being nationally recognized for an outstanding blood donation program, these volunteers, an important piece to our healthcare team, assist visitors and patients in all areas of the hospital and serve as a vital link to our community.

New services provided by these energetic community members include manning ADAM. ADAM (Angleton Danbury Assistance Mobile), a six-person golf cart, is manned 5 days a week. Driving around the campus parking lots and transporting visitors and patients to the front door is a coveted duty provided by our auxiliary members.

Greeting the patients, escorting visitors to specific areas, and answering innumerable questions by community members, the auxiliary of UTMB Health Angleton Danbury Campus are a welcome sight to all who enter the doors of the campus.

Additionally, each year the auxiliary hosts several fundraisers such as the Doc Roger's Valentine concert, the Mother's Day Bake Sale, and a jewelry show, to assist the hospital with providing patient care equipment. They are also the driving force behind the hospital's flourishing gift shop and vending machine operations.

For more information about the UTMB Health Angleton Danbury Campus Auxiliary, please call (979) 849-7721 ext. 2300 or (979) 848-9122.

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