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Cataracts can cause reduced clarity and vision impairment—sometimes akin to seeing through a frosted window—and they affect a staggering 70% of Americans by the age of 75. Trust your eyesight to the cataract specialists at UTMB Health.

What Are Cataracts?

With aging, the eye's lens experiences a chemical change that makes it less transparent and may cause cloudy vision. This cloudy obstruction of the lens is called a cataract. Having cataracts is a common vision problem with over 70 percent of people developing cataracts by age 75.

The good news is that the clouded lens (cataract) can be replaced with a prescription lens to correct vision, possibly eliminating the need for eyeglasses completely, with a common surgical procedure. In fact, today cataract surgery is the most common surgery in the world.

While it is a common surgery with a low rate of complications, you want to make sure you choose a cataract specialist with experience and a high patient satisfaction rating, and who performs the procedure at a state-of-the-art surgical center.

Why choose UTMB Health for your cataract surgery?

UTMB’s cataract specialists are board-certified and fellowship trained. Patients diagnosed and treated by our specialists have given high satisfaction ratings for the care they have received and for their experience as a UTMB Health patient.

When you choose UTMB Health, your doctor will determine the lens or treatment needed for the best possible outcome after listening to and discussing the your symptoms and concerns, and performing a thorough evaluation using advanced equipment and technology.

Dr. Kevin Merkley, Associate Professor and Chair of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, says, "What separates us from the competition is we use the latest technology and strive to provide excellent outcomes. Our doctors and staff are compassionate and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service."

Cataract patients have the option of eye care appointments at locations in League City, Friendswood, Texas City or Galveston. They can elect to have their cataract surgeries in Galveston or at the League City Campus Surgical Center, providing convenient access to quality care.

What should patients expect with cataract surgery?

Dr. Merkley explains to his patients that the eye lens is shaped like an M&M candy. The surgeon opens the shell with a tiny incision, removes the chocolate and replaces it with a lens. The outpatient surgery typically takes about 20 minutes. Patients can return to work and other routine activities two days after surgery. Patients rarely experience any pain but may have a scratchy feeling in their eyes for a few days.

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