Get a Healthy Start for Back to School

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Bright Minds, Healthy Futures. Back to School

Get ready for the school year with UTMB Health

We’re passionate about helping students, parents, teachers and communities start the new school year on a healthy note. Before all of the learning, growing, studying, mentoring, teaching and molding of the new year ensues, take a moment to first prioritize and check in on your health. 

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Are you and your crew up-to-date on:

A visit with a primary care provider is a good place to start to check these off of your to-do list!

Find a primary care provider

Check to see if UTMB Health is in your network 

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Did You Know… Starting at age 12, all pediatric well-visits include a mental health assessment. 

Plan ahead for the unexpected:

We know accidents, injuries and illnesses can happen at any time, that’s why we have numerous Urgent Care clinics and a dedicated 24/7 Pediatric ER at our Clear Lake Campus available for when the unexpected strikes.

Locate an Urgent Care or ER near you

Check to see if UTMB Health is in your network 

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Did You Know… The American Academy of Optometry recommends children between 6 to 17 years of age have an annual comprehensive eye exam.

Use the UTMB ‘FindHelp’ tool to find resources:

From financial assistance to food pantries, medical care and more, search for free or reduced-cost services available in our area and close to home.

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  • “Don’t be afraid to try new things!  It’s okay to make mistakes, just try again.”

  • “Be kinder to yourself and always know your worth.”

  • “Live as authentically as you're able."

  • “Explore boundlessly; revel in your creativity; stay insatiably curious.”

  • “You are never done with education; it’s a lifelong adventure.”

  • “Even the hard days end eventually; tomorrow’s a chance to hit the reset button.”

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  Year-round Resources:

Seasonal allergies bogging down your family?
Questions about periods and puberty?
Curious how to have the best sleep possible?

We cover all of that and more in helpful blog posts and videos available to you year-round.

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